A Vision to Make the Heart of Las Vegas the Blockchain Capital of the World

The Cryptocity Initiative intends to build a Decentralized Autonomous City (“DAC”) in the heart of Las Vegas to create a one-stop shopping mall for buying, selling, trading, developing and spending cryptocurrencies. Imagine all the casinos, gaming houses, hotels, shops, grocery stores, coffee shops, fashion boutiques, entertainment and fine restaurants accepting cryptocurrencies in Las Vegas.

Spend Your Crypto in Las Vegas

We plan to install 10,000 crypto-enabled ATMs, so tourists can spend their $500 billion dollars worth of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in fabulous Las Vegas. This will transform the Heart of Las Vegas into the Blockchain Capital of the World.

Vegas is Home of Parties, Conventions and Shows

Las Vegas can be the blockchain leader because it has a young tech-savvy workforce, can host some of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency conventions, real estate, and electricity is cheap. Las Vegas  has enough hotel capacity, venues, and excitement to accommodate groups of all sizes.

Join Us!

Join the Nevada Blockchain Association to help us take blockchain and your career to the next level!

City of Las Vegas Announces Blockchain Week August 13th – 17th

“Las Vegas is known globally as an innovative, technology-driven center of commerce, education, and entertainment.  A place world-renowned for hospitality, convention services in the pursuit of innovators, entrepreneurs, and the next big thing, as Blockchain technology is an intuitive evolution of new and improved ways of doing business.  It creates employment, opportunity, and empowerment, and the people of Clark County welcome new advancements, lively debate, and discussion of opportunity, innovation, change and growth in employment, finance, healthcare, advanced science and the arts.

NOW, THEREFORE, WE the board of Clark County, Nevada, do hereby proclaim August 13 – 17 as BLOCKCHAIN WEEK starting in 2018 and continuing from this point on.”

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The blockchain is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet and is expected to touch the daily lives of almost everyone on Earth.

The Nevada Blockchain Association (NBA) is a non-profit organization that has been set up to promote the wide adoption of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, Distributed Ledger Technologies, and consensus technologies across the public and private sectors in the State of Nevada and in the USA.

Our mission is to work in strategic cooperation with organizations and individuals in the blockchain space to develop an environment that fosters innovation, jobs, and investment to benefit the State of Nevada and for the future of humanity, with a particular focus on non-profit organizations and green technologies that are using the blockchain for good.

The State of Nevada is already a leader in gaming, solar power, and clean energy. We also hope to work with the gaming industry to bring cryptocurrencies into the gaming arena in order to expand their revenue base.

Through education, advocacy and working closely with policymakers, regulatory agencies and industry we hope to make the State of Nevada a leader in blockchain technology as well.