9 July, 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. — The Nevada Blockchain Association has been formed to attract and bring the $500-billion USD value in Cryptocurrencies to spend and invest in the State of Nevada. The Association will serve as a key resource for regulators, the Blockchain industry, Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, payment processors, gaming executives, the hemp industry, retailers, and those people who wish to learn more about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. The Association is currently in the midst of seeking and signing strategic partners, recruiting new members, and expanding the network of sponsors, suppliers, coin issuers, and others.

The Association is gearing-up to catalyze the unleashing of these billions in Cryptocurrencies, and make them available to be spent in hotels, casinos, restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs, car rental hubs, shopping malls, fashion boutiques, farmers markets, sporting events, tourist and entertainment attractions, grocery stores, hotels and more. By 2020, people from around the world are expected to increase their Cryptocurrency holdings from $500-million to more than $2-trillion. Notably, one-third of the demographics of tourists coming as tourists to Nevada are of millennial-age, which services the same demographic as who is participating most in Cryptocurrencies. The Nevada Blockchain Association will work to boost the entire economy to entirely new financial heights. Including all demographics of local communities, residents, and visitors to Nevada.

“Here in Las Vegas, we are famous for conventions, nightclubs, entertainment, and parties. So, I had a vision that this area would be a perfect spot for people to enjoy buying a coffee with their Ethers, to drop a couple of Bitcoins at the casino, and to take your loved ones shopping for a Prada with Litecoin. Why not? Spendability is necessary for mass adoption of Crypto, and it is time we are enabled to spend our Crypto everywhere. To serve as a voice for the booming Blockchain industry in Nevada, an official trade Association was needed. Our team is pleased to begin plans to fill these needs. By making Cryptocurrencies spendable everywhere, metropolitan Las Vegas will boom,” says David Kam, President of the Nevada Blockchain Association.

About the Nevada Blockchain Association:

The Association’s mission includes fulfilling the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 20-goals have been identified by the Association, which include funding of initiatives to end poverty, defending social justice, and widely promoting sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles. The Association will immediately serve the Blockchain industry populous within Nevada, beginning with a Corporate Membership launch prior to Fall 2018.

In the coming months, with the U.S. Blockchain Association, the Nevada Blockchain Association is planning to hold an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the “Las Vegas Token”; for the purpose of building the forthcoming Las Vegas Currency Exchange and, to install 50,000 Cryptocurrency-enabled ATMs and point-of-sale terminals across the U.S.A, with 10,000 ATM units concentrated in the Las Vegas area. Once the installation is complete, the Nevada Blockchain Association’s Global Cryptocurrency Payment System will be able to process mass ongoing payments of Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, at both brick-and-mortar retailers and online retailers.

The Board Members of the Nevada Blockchain Association shares, “Nevada is already a leader in gaming, tourism, solar power, and marijuana. While it is fantastic news that casino and resorts (the leading industry in Nevada) collected $26.2-billion in revenue during 2017 fiscal year (includes rooms, food and beverage, and all aspects of the casino), this revenue only pales in comparison to the $500-billion that visitors from around the world hold in Cryptocurrencies, but with no place to spend it. Nevada is growing rapidly, and world-class firms continue to bring in new money and investments. A city filled with 2-million residents and 40-million annual tourists will soon demand what it is the Association is planning for, which is to conveniently spend Crypto while decreasing systematic fraud. We are most certainly up for achieving these tasks.”

The Association’s Global Cryptocurrency Payment System will need to handle transactions for 2-million Las Vegas residents and 40-million tourists who visit, annually. Including, payment processing needs nationwide throughout the U.S.A. The Association has selected these Cryptocurrencies to first appear on the Global Cryptocurrency Payment System: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethers, Earth Dollar and Las Vegas Token.

Nevada Blockchain Association Contact Information:

For Parties interested in having their Cryptocurrency listed on the exchange, ATM, and/or POS programs, please contact the Association. Please also send inquiries and requests for interviews and information to our office.

Website: https://NVblockchain.org; Representative: Public Relations Team PR@NVblockchain.org; Telephone: (702) 747-9208