Aircoins Game App has formed an alliance with Nevada Blockchain Association, U.S. Blockchain Association and Earth Dollar to take Las Vegas Augmented Reality Gaming to the next level

16 July, 2018,  Las Vegas, Nevada – The Nevada Blockchain Association, the Earth Dollar, and the U.S. Blockchain Association is teaming up with Augmented Reality (AR) innovator Aircoins to make the entire City of Las Vegas a AR Game, tentatively name “GoLasVegas!”.

AR, also known as Augmented Reality was first made successful with PokemonGOTM, but now imagine the entire City of Las Vegas will be turned into an AR game using the Las Vegas Token and other cryptocurrencies. GoLasVegas! will include both indoors and outdoors venue participation in: casinos, shows, entertainment venues, nightclubs, restaurants, coffee shops and the entire City of Las Vegas. About 40 million tourists, mostly gamers visit Las Vegas every year and this will give them another type of gaming experience.

The GoLasVegas!App will be designed to draw a mass increase in foot traffic to popular tourist destinations such as casinos, by encouraging gamers to collect free money that has actual intrinsic value.  The Las Vegas Token will be one of the official cryptocurrencies of the game and is expected to be holding an ICO in the Spring of 2019.

This type of creative gaming promotion will certainly attract visitors into partner venues, while combining shopping and mobile gaming that brings an increase in value for shoppers and event visitors. Based on advertising opportunities where earning, fun and safety are virtually guaranteed to Users (participants), this advertising business model is new to the Blockchain and AR gaming realms.

The alliance plans to create the world’s first “Crypto Treasure, along with virtual slot machines, dice games and puzzles in Augmented Reality, in a first-of-its-kind App release. The alliance is hoping to release the first demonstration of GoLasVegas! during the World Crypto Con that is taking place on Oct 31 to Nov 2, 2018 at Aria Hotel, dubbed the “World’s Largest Crypto Conference”.

The Canadian-based Aircoins Corp has launched the “Aircoins App” on July 4th, 2018, for free download on the Apple and Android platforms, and soon for Tablets. The app does not include the GoLasVegas! game yet.

David Kam, President of the Nevada Blockchain Association says, “we are getting lot of interests from our members in Las Vegas to participate in the GoLasVegas! AR Game. Las Vegas is already a leader in gaming, but imagine now the entire Las Vegas is a game. When I found out from Alisha Forrest Scott our Vice-President of the association about Aircoins, I was so excited that I asked Alisha to contact Aircoins to create an AR game for Las Vegas and Aircoins agreed. The rest is history.”

Safi says, “We are hoping to create the largest AR cloud, which will have information from different systems available, to give users real-time information based on their geo-location, anywhere, anytime. We already have dozens of partners coming forward to integrate their AltCoins into our secure Blockchain platform and gaming environments. We expect the App to do very well in all markets. Most people have already heard of the Crypto craze and Bitcoins. With our Aircoins App, we now offer gamers and Crypto fans a simple way to have fun while earning and being entertained. No expertise is necessary for adults to download the free App and begin playing. So far, it is exhilarating to see people realize that their time is worth something, even when they are having fun hunting and earning. Curious gamers can begin to find coins all-around them within 30-minutes or less.”

About the Nevada Blockchain Association

The association for the blockchain industry in Nevada will be working with the City of Las Vegas, as well as helping recruit businesses and organizations to participate in GoLasVegas! The Nevada Blockchain Association is a non-profit trade association serving the blockchain industry in Nevada, with a focus on fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals, including overcoming poverty, social justice and creating a sustainable world.

The Nevada Blockchain Association is planning to hold an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the “Las Vegas Token” with the U.S. Blockchain Association in the coming months to build the Las Vegas Currency Exchange and to install 50,000 crypto-currency enabled ATMS and point-of-sale terminals across the USA with other associations, with 10,000 units concentrated in the Las Vegas area.  The Global Cryptocurrency Payment System in Nevada is expected to be able to handle transactions for 2 million residents and 40 million tourists who visit Las Vegas annually, as well as payment processing nationwide in the USA.  The association’s first set of cryptocurrencies selected to be on the Global Payment System is Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethers, Earth Dollar, Aircoins and Las Vegas Token. Please contact the association for parties interested in having their cryptocurrency listed on the exchange/ATM/POS.

About Earth Dollar

The Earth Dollar will be providing the Co-branded Earth Dollar Debit Cards to be use in the ATMs and point-of-sales terminals, for integration with the GoLasVegas! App. The Earth Dollar™ is expected to be one of the world’s largest asset-backed cryptocurrencies with intrinsic value. The Earth Dollar is part of a new sustainable decentralized “Living Economic System” centered on the preservation of natural resources of Planet Earth and revitalizing global economies. Mother Earth Trust will be co-stewarding the preservation of natural resources. The Earth Dollar™ plans to develop a high-speed and scalable Blockchain 3.0 platform to allow nations and asset owners to monetize their dormant, unused, underused and new assets, including their natural capital assets via smart contracts and smart insurance. The Earth Dollar also plans to deploy a new type of quantum-secure worldwide mesh network to protect its blockchain for its upcoming alternative “Living Economic System” through strategic partnerships. The partnership will provide tools to help institutions, banks, governments and organizations, interface with its secure Earth Dollar blockchain. The Earth Dollar is expected to be conducting its first token sale with the date to be announced soon.

About Aircoins

According to the company website (, the purpose of the App is to combine fun, Cryptocurrencies, and the in-App convenience of low-cost Crypto exchange. Inside the game, Crypto-coins are free to collect for gamers who download the App. Just as in a traditional (offline) treasure hunt, many types of coins and assets can be located and collected. Found coins are placed into a private wallet that can then be accessed inside the App. Currencies or Digital Assets collected in the game can then be exchanged. The games are ongoing and set to be experienced by gamers both indoors and outdoors. Coins are to be programmed by the Aircoins Launch Team to be dropped by the millions, in anywhere from shopping malls and casinos, to local businesses and event venues. With the Aircoins App, gamers are interacting with decentralized digital assets on a private Blockchain. Aircoins symbol is AIRX, and they are not associated with the AIR Crypto. The total supply of AIRX will be 10-billion. The circulating supply is currently 1.1-billion. A $200-million market cap for Aircoins already currently exists.

About the U.S. Blockchain Association 

The association will be helping recruit major brands, businesses and organizations to participate in GoLasVegas!  The U.S. Blockchain Association is a non-profit trade association serving the blockchain industry in United States with the focus on creating jobs and opportunities in America. The U.S. Blockchain Association will have different Chapters in cities and states to support overcoming poverty, social justice and creating a sustainable world, which includes fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals.

The U.S. Blockchain Association in alliance with other associations worldwide is planning to install 50,000 crypto-currency enabled ATMS and point-of-sale terminals across the USA to create a Global Cryptocurrency Payment System (GCPS) to handle payment processing of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies at both brick-and-mortar retailers, as well as online retailers. The GoLasVegas! App and Aircoins products will be integrated with the GCPS in order to further provide liquidity for supported cryptocurrencies.

The association’s GCPS is expected to be able to handle transactions for 250 million people worldwide.  The initial cryptocurrencies that have been selected to be on the Global Cryptocurrency Payment System include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethers, Earth Dollar, Aircoins and Las Vegas Token. Please contact the association for parties interested in having their cryptocurrency listed on the exchange/ATM/POS. 


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